When I was a kid, I was asked if I had the chance to have superpower, what would it be. I used to answer teleportation or telepathy. As time passed by, I figured out what superpower I really want to obtain. I want to have the power of calmness. It is easy to tell yourself to calm but when everything is not going as you expect, you are really going to get crazy. It is so hard to stay still when everything is falling apart.

I am dying to learn how to really be calm, how not to be panic or stressed out. But I guess, compared to the previous years, I am way better today.

One of the things I used to do to stay calm is to simply remind myself to stay calm constantly. Whenever I feel like I am going freak out, I will just tell to myself, “Stay calm, anger won’t do anything. You won’t be able to think properly of you will freak out.” It may be a simple act but for me it is effective. I am a short-tempered person but I can say that today, I obtain more patience.

Another way I do to stay calm is to pause for a moment and then inhale and exhale. Again, it may be simple but stopping for a moment will prevent you for losing your temper and bring you back from your consciousness. It is like meditating instead of giving in to your anger.

Calmness is a superpower and I will keep on exercising to obtain and strengthen that power.

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