I am always afraid of growing up alone. Life would be better if I had someone who I can grow old with whether it is a family, friends, or special someone.

However, I would always tell that why would I look for someone who is not there. In other words, if no one is there for me, then I should be happy being alone rather than looking for someone to be with.

Sometimes this kind of thought really hit me, it hurts but it is the sad reality. I should learn how to accept that at the end of the day, I only have myself. No one is going to be there for me.

This world also makes me realize that it is easy to look for someone who will be there at your happy moments but it is difficult to have someone who will choose to stay at your sad moments. This makes me cry haha because if you would think, during your lowest point, no one is going be there for you. No one would be willing to listen, no one would be able to understand you. No one is going to give you a hug. It really makes me sad but I should learn to accept this sad truth. People will not always be available for you, people will not always choose you.

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