Day one

I really want to become a motivational speaker before but I’m trying to analyze if I really can do it. After watching one of the videos of Matt D’Avella, I decided I’m gonna do it ’cause you’ll know if it works for you when you try it. So, I should just get started.

Helping people is really one of my passions. It doesn’t just make me happy but I feel like I’m having a purpose everytime I do it. I know I maybe too young to give some motivation to others and it might not create a huge impact but at least I try. It doesn’t matter if I fail or if no one’s going to believe in me. I’m not here to please or to impress others, I’m here to help, to serve.

However, I know I should make some preparations. Before fully giving myself to others, I, myself, should be ready first and stable enough to give what others need.

So, yeah. I hope you’ll be able to join me in this journey!

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